AKPR’s professional approach blended with personal touch has earned the Chartered Accounting Company enormous confidence of all its clients, which is reflected in an enduring business relationship that it enjoys with them and also in the consistent growth in portfolio of its services. The Chartered accounting Company regards the provision of a personal, high quality service to the clients as an absolute priority.


Many of our clients are owner-managed business, entrepreneurs, start-ups, self-employed professionals who are looking for someone who can do more than the preparation of accounts and filing of tax returns. We take the logistic approach to meet their needs and offer 360 degrees services by providing everything under our contact point. We also act for high net worth individuals who value our personalized service and attention to the miniature of their affairs. We provide better internal control system to our clients to minimise risk and maximise profit.We provide our services in various parts of India mainly in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, and Banglore.



Quality is Priority

With ‘Quality is Priority’ as an ultimate aspiration, AKPR’s vision is to nurture a professional Company of repute which is competitive, dynamic and focused team leader in the areas of its operation, providing the best opportunity to progress and grow to all those who are associated with it and also serving the best interests of the clients.

Ultimate objective of the Chartered Accounting Company

Excellence, Integrity and Independence, the Motto of our Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, is the ultimate objective of the Chartered Accounting Company in all its professional commitments.

Strives to improve the quality of life

The Company always strives to improve the quality of life and the standard of living, for society as a whole. The Office is fully equipped with modern infrastructure.